Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hey, I was thinking earlier today, why did I start blogging? I easily enough answered the question. There are multiple answers you could have, such as: enjoyment, you wanting to express yourself etc. Now, I want to know why YOU started your blog, also leave the Url to your blog below. This should be interesting!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

2012 Olympic Games

How are you finding the Olympics so far?
Personally for me Its been great! Especially the 100m men's final, for me that is currently the highlight of the games, but it can still change, it isn't over yet as we all known. I want to find out what your favourite events are, who your favourite athletes are and most importantly which country your supporting, so comment below!
The Olympic Games has been fantastic so far and hopefully it will stay fantastic.
By the way, what DID you think about the opening ceremony?

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tour Of London

I haven't posted in quite a while, but I hope to be posting more frequently now.

I would class this trip as one of the best I've had it was so breath-taking, London truly is magnificent. I was lucky enough to go to London, I was trigger happy with my camera! I visited the House of Commons and the House of Lords each room had its own unique history behind it. Later, I visited Trafalgar Square and then saw the Olympic Clock! Oh wow it was so cool. Then we went on to see the throne that the Queen of England sits on during debates in the House of Lords. We then proceeded to learn about the civil war that was caused by Charles I, what was really intriguing was seeing the real-life death warrant for Charles I, truly fascinating. The best part I would have to say was seeing Oliver Cromwell's signature, for me right there, history really came alive. I loved spending the day at London and learning about
It's history, all in all, a great day!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bamm Broadcast

I urge you readers, to check out this blog i found:) i see it as my duty to provide you with good things such as these, its a video based blog, and i must admit it was a good idea!
heres the link:

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Gone Series - Micheal Grant

One word sums up this series. Fantastic. The book is based in Perdido Beach, America. It's about a town which has been incased in a mysterious, impenetrable bubble, every one above 15 years old has simply vanished, some kids develop supernatural powers and there's an ominous evil who strives to undermine the kids.

The main reason this series is so captivating is the fact that it address issues such as racism, sexuality etc in such an intricate manner. The book is predominantly based on 'survival of the fittest' the strong survive whilst the weak do not. It's similar to Lord Of The Flies.
This series is a HUGE recommend!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Duke Of Edinburgh: Bronze (Part One)

Yet another unrelated book post.

Over the weekend I participated in the DofE, it consists of hiking/walking over 15 miles, camping and cooking your own food. It was set in Shropshire near Wales. There are three levels that you can do: bronze, silver and gold, you start from bronze then gradually progress onwards. At each level you get assessed on map reading, setting up your tent etc. For my bronze group we get assessed in September, but over the weekend we did a pratice to help prepare ourselves, here's what happened:
Everyone had to be in school on Saturday by 8:30am, then we set of for 'sunny' Shropshire, we then arrived at our start point. We were to walk 7.5 miles to our campsite, whilst carrying all our equipment. So we set of, our teachers warned us to pace ourselves as it wasn't a race BUT to us, it was! Imagine four groups all racing to get to one destination that's 7.5 miles away.. carnage. We got lost, one of my group members had a knee problem and we were currently in last position in this fictious race. None the less we moved on, spotted a group and absolutely ran to overtake them. In the end we came second, turns out two of the other groups got lost! They walked one extra mile than they needed! The general mood of everybody was pretty good. So far it was set to becoming a very good weekend!

Friday, 22 June 2012

My Time at Girton Cambridge

I just thought I'd tell you guys about my school trip to Cambridge. Here goes..

Ok, so as part of a push to urge talented students to apply to top universitys such as Cambridge the top 10% students in our year were selected to go on this trip. It was a 3 hour! Coach ride to to Girton Cambridge, the coach ride to the place was just amazing! The banter was flowing, everyone was just generally happy and excited. Plus me and my friend had a competition on who would get the furthest on Temple Run... I WON!
765,000! Here's what happened at Cambridge: We were told what we had to do in order to get into a university like Cambridge, we then engaged in an activity that showed how to deal with student life and how to manage our time as university students. Then we went on a tour around Girton, it was so cool, here's the uploaded picture of the cathedral, It's a bit lopsided, i'm no photographer.
Anyways, we checked out artifacts dating to the 15 century. We hopped back on the coach and returned to school, it was raining so my teacher shared her umbrella with me, the banter was phenomenal!
Overall, it was the best trip EVER!