Friday, 4 May 2012

Book Series - Gone

Author: Micheal Grant
Micheal Grant has really stepped forward with his new and exciting series. The series us aimed at teenagers and adults! Even Stephen King praised the series and books, proclaiming they were simply 'phenomenal'
Summary: The series is set in a town known as Perdido Beach. When everyone above the age of fifteen vanishes into thin air it instantly makes you intrigued! Also a mysterious dome encases the teenagers, preventing any communication to the outside world. That's not all animals start to mutate, and so do some of the teenagers! Except they don't grow an extra limb they start to develop supernatural powers!
My perspective: The series isn't your normal cheesy super hero book. It's purely about survival of the fittest. Teenagers are murderd, starved or fall prey to any evil force known as the Gaiaphage. Micheal Grant also addresses: racism, sexuality, capitalism, segregation and other important key aspects. I would say it is very similar to 'Lord of The Flies' like I said; not your typical super hero book.
I 100% recommend this series


  1. i follow you sweetie :) i don't love much books but if i feel like reading one i will definitely take advice of your blog ;)