Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Book Series Review - Cherub

Aswell as a Word Of The Day, I will inform you guys on a series that I think are fantastic, and you should read, within the book series, I'll give a brief summary and a rating 5 being the best 1 being the worst.
Let's start kick it off with: Cherub!
This book series written by Robert Muchamore, is fantastic. It comprises of teenage child agents that go on various missions, its the equivalent of MI5. The reason this book series is so unique is because despite the high intelligence and athletic prowess, there all still all hormone filled adolescent teenagers!
The main character James Choke( but changes his name to James Adams later on) is a troubled teenager, his mom owns the largest theft ring in all if London yet James ends up as the good guy..? The characters that James interacts with have their own chilling back ground that Robert Muchamore goes into superbly well!
The first installment of the series is known as: 'The Recruit'
If you want more information regarding this Book Series here:  href="
Tell me what you think of Robert Muchamore and his series Cherub by leaving a comment below!

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