Thursday, 10 May 2012

Expanding Your Vocabulary

I'm currently a student and I like to read a lot and by reading my vocabulary in turn is expanded and I find myself uttering new words I wouldn't have been saying a year back. I believe the way to expand your vocabulary is to read, read and read some more, if you already do this then Brilliant! If you don't, start now. As you read you will encounter words that you will not known the meaning of, so when this happens, look up that particular word and commit it to memory. I downloaded a dictionary app called, it has an inbuilt 'word of the day' system and it also had q function that allowed me to put words on my favourites list. This is how I mostly expand my vocabulary. I also believe it is the most effective.
So try it out and give me some feedback.


  1. thanks for sharing this bit of info! i read to my daughter everyday..does that count? ;) i do enjoy reading as well! have a great day!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  2. It does count because subconciously shes picking up new words! so keep doing that:) thank you!

  3. When I find some difficult word(s). I'am always curious and search through google translate... Google translate really helps me a lot & I can find the meaning within seconds. Internet have simplify me in understanding everything such as from google translate and wikipedia..
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  4. hi dear, lovely blog you have.. me too an avid reader. but mine is a beauty blog
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  5. I'm following both of you!:-)

  6. Love it. Word of the day is so great! Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  7. I should do that too because in the end we all use the same words once an again!!

  8. Like this word of the day idea! And thank you so much for commenting on my blog!


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  10. I downloaded the merriam-webster app, and it also has a word of the day. I much prefer it over the one from because the merriam-webster one also tells you a bit about it's etymology or related synonyms, etc. -- just interesting facts. I learn not just a word but a bit of history with it. :)

    And about books... I'm reading Rain of Gold. AWESOME BOOK! haha. Doctor Zhivago was as well...
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