Saturday, 5 May 2012

Power Of The Library

A library is an organized collection of books, other printed materials, and in some cases special materials such as manuscripts, films and other sources of information. Collections can be print, audio, or visual materials, including maps, prints, documents, microform (e.g. microfilm/microfiche), CDs, cassettes, videotapes, DVDs, video games, e-books, audiobooks and many other types of electronic resources. The places where this material is stored include public libraries, subscription libraries, and private libraries; material can also be in digital form, stored on computers or accessible over the Internet. Libraries range in size from a few shelves of books in a small organization's library to collections of several million items in the larger national and academic libraries.

Libraries have lots of uses as you can see! You don't have to stop with books at your local library, there's: audio books, DVD's, cassettes and all sorts. SO USE YOUR LIBRARY, it is public.

I personally visit my local library every weekend to return and obtain new books, the more you read the more knowledge you gain, after all knowledge is power.


  1. Libraries are awesome. I love libraries & i wish here were any good ones where i live. Honestly, it's such a shame my city has so many, but they are all piled with Soviet Union junk. I was even thinking about filing a social project about creating a public library, which would have some up-to-date books, but it's still on my to-do list :)

  2. Where abouts do you live? you should definately engage in your project because if you feel the way you do about libraries then chances are that there are a whole lot more people that feel the same way! so find those people and get a public library going!:)