Friday, 15 June 2012

Book Recommendation

Book: Freakonomics
Author: Steven D. Levit & Stephen J. Dubner
One of my friends introduced me to this book, I thanked him for it because this book is so great. Here's why: the book causes you to think in a way you wouldn't have before, it asks obscure questions and generally just causes pushes the boundaries of how you think, it's won various awards, so the book and the authors have been recognised for how outstanding they both are. If you loved Freakonomics after reading then guess what? YES. SuperFreakonomics, the sequal! I haven't had the chance of reading ot but if it's anything like the first one, then guarantee it'll be great.

If any of you guys have read any or both, leave a comment to tell me how you found it!


  1. Will def read this one!


  2. It is a really good book!:)

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